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Subversion access for LAM/MPI

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Because the LAM Team tries very hard to release stable and as-bug-free-as-possible distributions, we tend to take a long time between major releases. However, there are many useful new features (and bug fixes) in our internal Subversion tree that some users have asked for access to. Additionally, for those who are actually develop with the internals LAM/MPI, Subversion access gives the most up-to-date versions rather than the periodic tarball access. As such, the LAM Team has decided to provide read-only access to the LAM/MPI Subversion tree.

Be aware, however, that the Subversion checkouts are not guaranteed to be stable. For the most part, we try very hard to not check in things that are broken, but this is an active development tree -- bugs happen. This is actually another major reason that this tree has been made available: peer review. If you find any bugs, please report them! Contributions, suggestions, and comments are welcome.

The Subversion "trunk" is the current development version of LAM/MPI. It is where all new LAM/MPI work is done. The branches/7.1 branch can be used for access to the latest stable version of LAM/MPI.

There are two flavors of Subversion access available. The first is to perform an anonymous checkout of the source. The second is to download a nightly Subversion snapshot tarball. The nightly tarball does not contain the Subversion metadata (ie, you can not run 'svn update' later), but does not require the GNU Auto tools to build. The nightly tarball is a snapshot of the Subversion trunk.

Also be sure to see what's available in the Subversion copy that's not in the current stable release.

  • Nightly Subversion Snapshot Tarballs

    The nightly tarballs listed below are automatically created - no testing is done to make sure the code actually compiles or works. These exist mainly for people without access to our Subversion server or the GNU Auto tools.

    LAM/MPI Subversion Snapshot
    Files File names Size
    LAM Source Code lam-7.2b1r10348.tar.gz 10.71MB
  • Anonymous Subversion Checkout

    VERY IMPORTANT: Before you try to compile LAM, read the Notes on the LAM/MPI Subversion tree page.

    Be sure to see the requirements page for information on the necessary software to obtain and compile a Subversion snapshot of LAM/MPI.

    If you don't already have it, you need at least version 1.0.0 of the Subversion client, which can be downloaded from the Subversion web site. You can then directly check out the LAM/MPI trunk, where most development work is done:

    shell$ svn co trillium
    [... lots of output ...]
    Alternatively, you can check out one of the branches or tags:
    shell$ svn list
    [... and some others ...]
    shell$ svn co
    [... lots of output ...]